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Voice Mail / Contact Post

You have reached Data. I am afraid I am not present to speak with you, but I can respond to you when I return. Please leave your name, valid contact information, and message if it is necessary after the tone. Thank you for your communication.

Dear Mun 003

Dearest mundane,

As I was earlier to advise someone, be certain not to overwhelm yourself with activities such taking on too many games and projects unless you truly feel that you have the attention span and motivation to see all plots and plans to fruition. This includes glancing through any communities which you feel might be useful to explore my sexual programming, which would only serve as a distraction from the project you wish to undertake. If you are so deeply motivated, volunteers that I am familiar with should be readily available as necessity arises. Your posting is already excessively slow in some locations.

That being said, I would like to express my gratitude. I am glad for the temporarily pleasant situations that you have placed me in.



Dear Mun 002

Dearest mun,

I humbly request that you provide me with less delay to my gratification. You have unfortunately involved me in a number of plots simultaneously culminating in negative consequences, which is affecting your enjoyment of writing me.

Having already discussed with you my dislike of being dismissed for nearly half a decade as a character you would consider writing, I would rather you delve further into your ability to concoct amusing storylines rather than involve me further in disastrous relationships and petty disagreements that I do not understand. Might I please receive one happy ending? Where I might continue being a mild-mannered scientist who keeps reliable company? I realize that this is difficult for me given my canonical predisposition for trouble and you given your current state of health, but I believe we would both be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.